Saturday, September 26, 2009

Funny work pictures

Here are some recent pictures that I have taken at work. The first picture is of the helmet that I wore when I cleaned the chicken coop at work. It is a hard helmet with ear sound protectors, and a mask in the front. Sandy's husband uses it for weed-eing. The second picture is when it rained really hard and a lot when I was at work. I didn't put the hood on the rain coat and I decided to do this to keep the rain off my hair even though it was already wet at the time. Sandy's husband got a new feeder to feed the sheep, lamb, and llama their hay. It makes it a lot easier. Basically I just get the hay cut off the bailing twine and then I put the hay into the feeder and they have food. Have a good day. :)
People cannot make us feel mad unless we let them.
In other words, we are in control of how we think. We are in charge of how we feel. We are free to choose how we act. Just knowing this can liberate us from feeling stuck and feeling like others and our circumstances have power over us to dictate how we should feel, think, and act. This principle can be stated as follows: WE ARE FREE TO CHOOSE HOW WE THINK, FEEL, AND ACT AND KNOWING THIS CAN LIBERATE US FROM FEELING STUCK IN OUR EMOTION COMMOTION.
I just wanted to share these words from one of my classes.

Words of Wisdom

The effect of our words and acts is tremendous in this world. Every moment of life you are changing to a degree the lives of the whole world. … So, it’s not the surroundings, it isn’t the positions; the thing that will influence [others] in this world, are personalities. No matter what you are people will feel and recognize this. You radiate, you can’t hide it. You may pretend something else, but that will not affect people.
David O. Mckay
Chapter 24: “Let Your Light So Shine”, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: David O. McKay, 225